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June 23, 2010

Duboeuf Morgon, Beaujolais

2007 Morgon Cru Beaujolais
Georges Duboeuf
Beaujolais, France
85 sek (ca 8,5 €)

13 % abv
100% Gamay

Nice summer red wine. Blue-red color, with aromas of raspberry, cherry and herbal, smoky notes. Also found on the palate, add some plum and blueberry here too. To me, the alcohol is a border-line case (both nose and palate) for being such a light wine. Good, fresh acidity. Nice tannins giving a little tingling sensation.

We had this wine with quiche lorraine and grilled sausages with veggies, and found it to be a nice, uncomplicated, summery combo.


Beaujolais belongs to the wine region Burgundy, but is its very own district. It is not uncommon, that it won't be mentioned in connection. A tiny percentage aside, all wine here is red and made of one grape: Gamay. Not a famous grape and not special in any way. But, here, especially where the Crus (the best sites) are found, it does very well on the granite soils, where also slate is found. Morgon, the name of this AC, is one of 10 Crus of Beaujolais. Other names are: Brouilly, Chénas, Chiroubles, Côte de Brouilly, Fleurie, Juliénas, Moulin-à-Vent, Régnié, St-Amour. Find a wine with any of these, you can buy it and will most likely not regret it. Beaujolais-Villages is the AC for wines that should be better than the general AC Beaujolais. But! As always, there is never any guarantee and exceptions are the rules, also here...
Georges Duboeuf is a famous and big merchant and winery, who buys wines from countless of vintners and cooperations. They blend, market and sell their own brand. Successfully, as it occurs. I like the flowery theme they have chosen. Very colorful and artsy.

June 21, 2010

Man Vintners Chenin Blanc, South Africa

2009 MAN Vintners Chenin Blanc
Stellenbosch, South Africa
65 sek (ca 6,50 €)

13,5 % abv
100 % Chenin Blanc

YUM! Really want to recommend this one. Lots of tropical fruit, melon, citrus and a nice minerality. The typical Chenin Blanc high acidity. Light in body, but with some texture through having been on its lees for 3 months. A great summer wine. Good with sallads and light dishes.

Marie, Anette and Nicky. The names of the wives of three friends getting together to make wines they would buy themselves (good idea)... More to be read on the website: 264.000 bottles of this wine were made, so you might want to hurry up.

Ever since our trip to South Africa, we like Chenin Blanc and this one is definitely a nice one. I am surprised, considering the low price!

June 18, 2010

I miss you,

my blog. I miss the quiet hours we have together... miss digging into my favorite topic: wine. And while it is not so, that we are not having a glass here and there, I just cannot find the time to sit down and write about it. All my time (and more) is currently consumed by this upcoming move of ours.

First sorting out all my business matters, even for small companies - the administrational part needs to be done. No mercy! Physically moving all items on storage to their next place and all that comes with that... (Nice though to write the invoice.)

Then having two children with masses of activities during the last weeks of school. The administration around moving them from two different schools to a new school: interesting! As are all the other matters, such as health insurance, car, cat, etc...

And the still ongoing process of trying to find a new home! Phew! Moving in Europe is not at all like moving in the U.S. Trust me. Instead of having one realtor who finds your house for you, you are in contact with about 58 different companies, who all offer a very limited number of houses or lots. It is impossible for them to work together. You need to do all the comparision yourself (once you found options after all), but first, you really need to hunt these people down. e-Mail has no meaning. Often, normal mail would not make any difference in terms of speed. However, we have been close several times, it looks like we are closer than ever just now... More about that later.

And about the move itself: it took us 4 weeks with one of the moving companies just to get a time where they could come to evaluate the capacity! Isn't that almost funny? Hahaha, I need to laugh. However, that part seems fixed now and we have chosen the transporting company (which happens to be German and is about 40% under the price of the Swedish ones we compared with...).

So! Now the days are filled with sorting closets, rooms, basement, garage. Trying to get rid of all that is not needed. Boy, what a healthy thing to do. I can feel the Feng shui already! And my back. I am good friends with the people working at the recycling station. (In fact! I should take a bottle of wine with me next time!) I really like that place, you should see it. So clean, neat and organized - I will certainly miss that one!

Dear blog, please wait for me, I'll be back. I'll be spending time with you writing about the wineries I am moving closer to. We are going to have fun - soon. Just hang in there. Please.

June 08, 2010

Please meet a Swedish winery - Ahus Vingard

Part 2 of my interview with Ronny Persson, Åhus Vingården:

Q: How did 2009 go for Åhus Vingården?
A: We were able to get white, red and rosé wine. 2009 was not a warm year, but still, some varieties did ripen well. From the green variety Solaris we were able to make a good wine and the blue grape Leon-Millot gave a nice rosé wine.

Q: Which result did you achieve with your 2nd commercial vintage?
A: 2009 gave more powerfull wines, compared to 2008. Certainly a consequence of the vines ageing, but also because we focussed more on good pruning.

Q: Last week Systembolaget (the Swedish monopoly) has launched your wines of 2009. Which wines were included?
600 bottles Aose Rose at 129 sek (ca 13 €) per 50 cl bottle. A fresh wine, made of Leon Millot and Rondo, with good acidity and body. Fits best to food with some acidity or saltiness. 200 bottles still available at time of this interview.

120 bottles Mäster John Solaris. 50 cl a 179 SEK (ca 18€). A really good wine that has a little of a good French Sauvignon Blanc. A perfect match to fresh asparagus and some Parmesan cheese. Sold out completely.

180 bottles Perssons Barrique 2008. 50 cl a 199 SEK (ca 20€). A medium-bodied red wine with berry tones, some vanilla and licroice. Sold out completely.

Q: Will there be more wines launched within the next months? Perhaps to Åhus winefest in August?
A: We'll come out with another wine made of Solaris. A off-dry wine. Most likely at the winefest and at the monopoly in Limhamn, outside Malmö.

Q: Same time last year, you launched your very first commercial wine. 240 bottles were sold out within 2 weeks. So this year was a similiar success?
A: This year we sold 900 bottles within 1 week.

Q: Can your wine be bought in any store (of the monopoly) within Sweden?
A: No. In Åhus only.

Q: Can your wine be bought directly from you at the winery?
A: No, not yet. Maybe next year.

Q: Can your wine be tasted at the winery?
A: You can taste it at the restaurant Rökeriet, our immediate neighbors. They have the alcohol license and we cooperate with them.

Q: You offer guided tours of the vineyard. Is that for groups only or can we come individually? Do you have some kind of open tastings?
A: So far, we offer group tours only. Once it will be possible to sell our wine from the winery, we might establish a daily tour at a certain, fixed time of the day during the summer.

Q: You seem to believe that the legislation will change and that you and other wineries in the country will get permission to sell your own wine directly from the winery?
A: Yes, we really hope for that.

Q: Åhus Vingård is special for the way it is organizes. Tell us a bit...
- Who ownes it?
A: That is me.

Q: - Are you also the winemaker?
A: No, that is Göran Tufvesson

We further have 130 subscribers, who each rent their row of vines. They all help with the work outside in the vineyard and in the winery. Göran Tufvesson is responsible for the winery, my wife Gunilla Persson for the visitors arrangements and Per Persson runs the vineyard. Me myself, I am involved a litte everywhere and work with the launch of our products.

Q: Are there any plans for expansion?
A: Most likely yes - once we can sell directly from the winery.

Q: What is your vision for Åhus Vingården?
A: To create a special experience for the people who are visiting us. We want our guests to take home something new they learned while staying with us. We want to teach people to see a wine as the spice to the food. And to learn that it pays off with more expensive wine in a bottle instead of drinking cheap BiB wine. To drink better wine in smaller quantities.

Q: What is the biggest fun for you to make wine?
A: That is when I have people infront of me, tasting our wine and turning all silent, when they discover that this actually is a really good wine.

Ronny, thank you so much for taking your time! Congratulations on selling your wines so quickly!

For more on Swedish wines, read here.