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September 14, 2011

I am back (almost) !

The house is built and we moved in one week ago! I now live in the middle of two vineyards, one bordering to our garden. Heaven!

Two containers have been brought from storage, where they were sitting in one year, waiting to be delivered to the new address. I am slowly seeing the end of the tunnel (hoping for it not to be another train coming). We are finding our socks and tooth brushes in the mornings and I am confident the rest will be fixed within the next weeks and months. Amazingly enough, not much damage was done to our goods. Excep for my Jura coffee machine that won't work anymore, but here I am hoping it is just a matter of cleaning the pipes. Sad to discover though, that exactly my notes and files from the sommelier school had gotten wet (somehow - and I am convinced it is not wine) and during the year in the container started to rotten, being now covered with mildew! :( Historical files, which cannot be replaced. I am bothered and need at least one (big) bottle (box) of sparkling wine to get me through the mourning period.

Besides that, fall has arrived and it is busy in the wine fields. The weather during the last weeks was way too humid and too many rain showers caused grapes to rotten. To minimize the damage, vintners are out and either harvesting earlier than planned or at least cutting off rotten clusters of grapes. As I can hear from my friends, especially the Burgundy varieties are at risk. However, the weather seems to stabilize now and let's hope for the best in the next weeks to come.

Looking forward to being back on my wine track and to get to interact with my fellow bloggers again! Cheers!