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February 27, 2012

2010 Delheim Chenin Blanc, South Africa

When we visited South Africa a few years ago, we had the pleasure to visit (among others) the Delheim estate in Stellenbosch. We really enjoyed the way they did their wine tastings. You were handed a list of wines and you crossed the ones you wanted to taste. Further you could decide between a cheese platter, a cold cuts platter or a platter with both :). Platter was a wooden tray - quite rustique, all of it. Basically, you were left to yourself, more like at a restaurant, not so much of a guided wine tasting. But of course, you could ask questions and were given answers. And what can I say? The more wines we tasted, the better the food became! And vice versa. We had our children with us, who were not drinking any wine, and who at all other places just wanted to get back to the pool. But here, at Delheim, even they enjoyed the atmosphere, for some reason. Good for us - gave us the extra glass to try.

Fun, to see this wine at for € 6,90. And to receive it in a post package is very convenient too. No schlepping home boxes...

And how was the wine? This medium-bodied, dry Chenin Blanc has 13,5 % abv - and that you feel, both in your nose and on your palate (and in your head, if you keep on drinking, I'd assume). It gives it a bit of a oily touch, which we could have done without. The typical very high acidity of CB is found in this bottle, too. As are flavours of pear, melon, pineapple, citrus and grapefruit, even hints of hazelnut. 

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  1. Some wines are really good, and some not really.